About The Matte Vase

When we bought our home in March, 2011, we knew that one day, we would want to make it our own. Built in 1954, it had “good bones” (as everyone likes to say) but was in need of love. The previous owner had passed away, and the house sat, practically untouched from how he left it, for nearly a year.

Before we moved in, I spent our first week as homeowners ripping out all the carpeting and repainting it from top to bottom in designer’s white.


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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Water damage had taken its toll, so the basement was gutted and new sump pumps and French drains were put in.

Since then, we’ve made a lot of other improvements—installed central air, replaced all of the windows, all the doors (inside and out), the boiler & hot water heater, the septic system (that was fun…), and put in a new fence—but nothing that transformed the house into what we knew it could be.

In the Spring of 2018, we took the first step in changing that. We interviewed several architects and began the process of getting ideas on paper—to take the crazy things that were floating around in our heads and seeing what was truly feasible (both in terms of our budget and the laws of engineering).

Our inspiration came from a singular source: this ceramic vase.

vase big

It’s natural, modest, timeless. You can see and feel the hand of its creator; it’s finished but not over-done. Raw, yet clean. Just the right tone of white, texture, and sheen.

It has everything we want our home to be.


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