Measure twice, cut once

I’m sure it won’t be the only unexpected surprise of this journey, but our housing situation took a wild turn this weekend.

A few months ago, after quite a bit of research into apartments and other potential living situations during our renovation, we came to the conclusion that renting a mobile home was our best option. We’d be on our property, disruption to our daily schedule and routines would be minimal, we’d be readily available for our contractors (should they need us), and most importantly, there was a washer and dryer in the unit.

We went to the lot and toured the units. Single wide. Double wide. Extra long. All very livable and not at all as bad as what we were expecting.

Kids were having a ball and psyched to live in a “tiny home.”

Measurements were taken on Google Earth, then in person. All looking great, we can fit whatever we want.

Did the math. Hey, this may be cheaper in the long run too. Bonus.

A second lot tour. Decision time: go with the single wide? Or splurge and take advantage of a double-wide promotion? No, let’s keep it simple, do this as cost-efficiently as possible and grind it out in the single. We’ll be fine, it’s only 4 months.

On Friday, I was ready to sign on the dotted line—bank check in hand—when (I guess) someone used a calculator and we got the somewhat surprising news that nothing (NOTHING) will fit on our property. The proposed solution: cut down a few hundred-year old trees and that would fix the problem (or move a fire hydrant).


It was on to plan B: find an apartment for a family of 5, with a 4 month lease, in a town that (from what everyone warned me about) is notoriously impossible when it comes to short-term leases, in less than a week. Sounds like a fun way to spend a weekend!

Let the Zillow, airbnb, craigslist, VRBO, and every other real estate website carpet bombing of emails begin.

I’ll save my craigslist scam avoidance for another post, but thankfully, after 48 hours of frantic searching, we found one kind soul who had empathy for our situation (someone with 3 kids of her own) and was willing to help us out.

Looks like we’ll have a roof over our heads after all.

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