Our design plan

While we had a general sense of what we wanted to change in our house, we also knew that we needed professional help to really understand what was possible and to open ourselves up to ideas that we hadn’t considered. After meeting with a few different architects in the hopes of finding someone who really understood what we were after, we hired Hoffman Grayson Architects and set out on an evolving journey towards the final design plans that we’re now working from.

The main changes we wanted to make were to take advantage of an enclosed breezeway that connects our garage and the main part of the house.

Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 6.04.26 AM

It’s “free” space that we could put to better use, like as a mud room that leads to our kitchen. Our kitchen and two bathrooms are all original (this house was built in 1954) and in serious need of an upgrade (as much as we love pink tiles…). And aesthetically, we wanted to try to solve the front exterior face, which really lacks dimension and visual interest.

Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 6.04.46 AM

The first design plans we saw were pretty close to the mark in terms of the kitchen, dining, and living rooms. We loved the idea of creating an axis that the front door, entrance to the kitchen, and a new rear window could all sit upon—opening up sight lines and simplifying the overall layout. The new mudroom and bathrooms weren’t quite there yet, but we liked where they were headed, particularly once we removed the door and hallway that leads to our driveway (which we rarely use).

Future revisions continued to evolve and simplify the bathrooms and mudroom:

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We also had a few options in terms of kitchen layout (primarily in terms of where we wanted to locate appliances and how we wanted to use the floating wall between the kitchen and living room), which we gradually resolved:

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After some final tweaks, based on looking at the designs in 3D (more on that later) and input from our contractor, we finally locked down the design plans.

Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 6.19.31 AM

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