The bet

Documenting this project was something that I always wanted to do, and while I would have liked to have started earlier (during the early planning and design phases with our architect), the looming date on my calendar marked DEMOLITION has given me the added motivation to dive in.

The two main reasons behind the motivation are somewhat obvious; the primary one being that you don’t tear your house apart every day (at least I don’t) and it’s an occasion that I wanted to remember in pictures and words, not just memories. The second is to have an easy way to share the experience with others, whether in real time or after the fact.

Thanks to some healthy trash talking and a competitive spirit, I now have a third: money.

Earlier this year, while dining with a few work friends a colleagues at CES, this project became a topic of conversation, particularly the question of how long it will take. Call me naive (and about 6 months from now, I hope I don’t have to do it myself), but I have total confidence in my contractor and our ability to make timely decisions. We’re working off of a 4-month schedule and I expect us to hold to it. I said as much.

Well, let’s just say that the rest of the table didn’t share in my confidence. A few laughs were had at my expense, but I was sticking to my guns.

Whether due to the wine or his own past experience, Patrick (a friend who I’ve known for many years), insisted I’m nuts. There’s no way this job finishes on time, and (us being in Vegas), he was willing to bet money against it. I gladly took him up on the offer.

The bet: $100. He’s laying me 2:1 odds that we run longer than 4 months, from the day the sledgehammers come out (which as of this post is February 17th). We agreed that the job was “finished” when I’m cooking eggs in our new kitchen by the morning of the 4-month mark (so, June 17).

I promised that there would be full transparency into progress—so much so that I was willing to set up this site to put it out in the open. I’m playing catch-up now in terms of progress to-date, but expect to post photos and notes throughout the job on a regular basis.

May this not be me in June:

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