My new side hustle: a 3D modeler

My wife and I are both very visual people, and this experience of trying to turn ideas on paper into reality has only reaffirmed that. While I’m pretty handy with a pencil (that 4-year Cornell education comes in handy from time to time…), my sketches weren’t enough. We needed to see—to explore options quickly and move through different design choices.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of 3D modeling software out there. Based on its price-point (free!) and seemingly shallow learning curve, I dove into SketchUp a little over a year ago and have since spent many a night and weekend rendering our future home.

It has become a pretty indispensable part of this project, not only for our own decision-making, but to brief contractors and other designers that are along for the ride with us. I joke with them that we’re probably not your “normal” client (bringing 3D walk-throughs of what we want to the table), but I’m all for getting everyone on the same page faster and removing confusion.

And no, it’s not lost on me that I’m being the client that we often gripe about in my professional life (the armchair creative director that tells professionals what THEY think), but it’s kind of nice being on this side of the table for once 😁.

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