Progress amidst uncertainty

I know I’m not alone in thinking (and feeling) that this was one heck of a week.

It was the first full week that we were “Managed Remote Working” across WPP and our kids were home as well (for two weeks, at least), effectively turning us into school teachers. It’s been a lot to manage, especially from the 2-bedroom, 1-bath apartment that we call home for the next several months. We’ve all gotten a little frustrated, cross, and stir-crazy, which it to be expected.

It’s now the weekend, however—a time to reflect on how fortunate we are, despite the challenges. I have a job that I can do from anywhere; I haven’t had to choose (like many others) between putting myself at-risk and keeping a roof over my family. My wife’s job as Director of Three Small Humans 😉, affords us with the ability to care for our kids without needing to figure out child care, baby sitters, or tutors. And most importantly, we continue to be healthy (touch wood), as is the rest of our extended family.

Somewhat miraculously, work on our home had continued as planned too. Despite Town Hall being closed, we had (and passed) our framing and electrical inspections, and the weather didn’t slow down roofing and other work around the exterior (like replacing rotted fascias and finishing soffits).


Assuming suppliers remain open, we continue to be optimistic that the pluming rough-in can kick-off this week while we finalize our kitchen design.

I’ll close with a prayer that my wife found this week; it’s been a helpful reminder to keep all things in perspective.

Pandemic Prayer

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