The waiting game

The coronavirus situation in NY State continues to worsen and guidelines for non-essential work have become more strict, effectively putting progress on our home on pause.

We’re doing our best to juggle life, work, and school from the apartment that we’re renting, but there’s no denying that it’s been hard. We’re all terribly homesick and this would be a lot different if we were inside our own four walls. That said, in the grand scheme of what’s happening in the world, this is a minor inconvenience—as I mentioned in an earlier post, I am unbelievably thankful that we are all healthy, safe, and employed—and I try to remind myself of that daily (if not hourly).

I feel guilty even talking (or writing about) about this project with all the loss and devastation around us, but at the same time, the feelings and emotions are raw and now seems like the best time to capture them. If nothing else, these posts were meant to be a diary of progress—something that we could look back on in the future to re-live the experience of renovating our home. I doubt we’ll soon forget what’s happening, but their purpose remains unchanged.

In terms of the project itself, here’s where things stand:

  • The roof is mostly complete. Shingles are all down, the fascia and soffits are mostly finished and trimmed, but we don’t have gutters and the new eave is still just framing.
  • The exterior is “closed” but in places that’s nothing more than plywood and Tyvek wrap. The masonry work around new windows, doors, and roof-line still needs to be completed, we’re waiting on our new front door, and eventually, it all needs to be painted.
  • Inside, framing and rough electric are complete and inspected. The plumbing rough-in is underway but not finished (the bathrooms seems to be complete, but the kitchen hasn’t started). Even if they could finish, that work needs to be inspected before walls can be closed and that’s not happening right now.
  • We’re down to final decisions on the kitchen, but the cabinet supplier is closed. Our sample doors sit in a warehouse in Canada.
  • On a positive note, our bathtub is being delivered today, but we’re a long way off from it being installed

And so we wait…

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