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5 health-tech trends from this year’s CES

I shared my perspective on CES 2021 with MM&M, describing how this year’s event was different from years past, and where I saw us headed as an industry.

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What creatives can learn from Caravaggio

If taking nearly four years of art history taught me anything, it was one of my favorite words in Italian: chiaroscuro.

The word itself is the juxtapositioning of two different root halves: “chiaro”—clear, bright, visible – and “scuro”—obscured, dark, hard to see. Put them together and it perfectly describes the use of shadow and light by Renaissance and Baroque masters to accentuate form, render anatomy and capture three dimensions on a two-dimensional surface.

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Why creativity without insight is doomed to fail

I had a professor in Sociology 101 sophomore year whose name I can’t remember, but whose class still stays with me.

He had absurdly high standards and was ruthless when it came to evaluating how much of the material you understood. His tests were impossibly hard; he would have failed some of them. When asked why they were so difficult, he said, to paraphrase, “I could make the test easier and you’d all get 4.0s, but I wouldn’t know if you knew the material. I’d rather give you hard tests, grade on a curve, and have a better sense of what you learned.”

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Contributing my thoughts to MM&M on CES 2019

I share my perspective on CES 2019, and how we, as healthcare marketers, can use things like immersive technologies to better add value to peoples’ lives.

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