A Kitchen in Progress

The cabinets have finally arrived, so our focus and attention over the past few weeks has been in the kitchen. Similar to our experience in other parts of this job, the big stuff moves fast and then the little details take time; the cabinets themselves (lowers, uppers, the island) we all set in about two days, but the intricacy of the trim and finish pieces required another four.

Seeing our vision for the kitchen come to life over the week was very surreal. We are so accustomed to “making do” with what we have—whether that was in the old kitchen, the apartment, or the makeshift setup we have had over the past month—that it almost felt like this day would never arrive, that we’d be in this state of waiting forever. From a design standpoint, we’ve been looking at the kitchen through the lens of sketches, renderings, plans, and swatches. Now it’s full scale, and the reality of it is overwhelming—it’s so beautiful, we can’t believe it’s our house (and it’s not even finished yet).