A very good day

It’s been so long since we had a full crew working, that I forgot just how much can be accomplished in one day. Well, Tuesday was one of those days where a lot was accomplished, and it was a very welcome change.

The most noticeable was that our new front door arrived. It was exciting to just see it leaning against a tree, but it’s even more thrilling to see it installed. Yet again, the cinderblock construction of our house made it 3X the work it probably would have been otherwise, but by the end of the day, we had a new entrance, awaiting a coat of paint. It looks stunning.

Inside, the remains of our old wood floor was pulled up; it will soon be replaced by white oak. We went back and forth on what to do—the main choices being to either tile the kitchen, or to feather-in new wood throughout the back-half of the house—but ultimately decided to replace the whole floor so we could create a continuous flow throughout the main living space.

The old floor was in great condition, and we were able to salvage enough of it for our new walk-in closet. Since we’re not changing the floors in the bedrooms—and it’s the same material as the rest of the house—it was the perfect way to make our bedroom feel like one cohesive space as well. It’s looks incredible.

The sun tunnel was installed in the hall bathroom and I can’t believe how much light it emits. We closed-in the lone window that was there before (there’s now a powder room on the other side of the wall), so this was recommended as a way to still bring natural light in.

We knew it would brighten things up, but it was a very welcome surprise to see just how much.

Lastly, I even managed to get some DIY in, replacing the peeling and rotted jambs around the garage door. If I’ve learned anything from living here for 9 years, it’s that no job is ever easy, but this one was pretty straightforward (thanks to a few YouTube videos). We were able to pull out the decorative window inserts (which was A LOT easier than expected), and after a new coat of paint on the door itself, it will more than suffice until we’re able to re-do the driveway and likely replace the door.